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Goddess Boss Podcast | Spiritual Growth | Self-Love | Entrepreneurship | Confidence with Life and Business Coach Kris Britton

Oct 8, 2018

It’s time to reignite your divine will and passion and create greatness!  

Honestly, in this real and raw episode you hear lessons I learned from a recent argument with my husband.  It’s juicy, I share my lessons and you are about to get steps and practices to own the Goddess Pele within you and let her express her rage, passion, and desires in a healthy way!   

What You Will Learn On This Episode:

  •       How to Share Your Passion and Drive in a Healthy Way!
  •       How to Have Divine Will and Drive as a Woman!
  •       How to Handle Anger and Upset In Partnership!  
  •       What I Learned From A Rupturing Argument with My Husband! !

Resources Mentioned:

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Kris Britton is a spiritual life coach & success coach who helps women dissolve their inner blocks so they can make big money and a big impact!

Kris is also the founder of Team Goddess Bosses, a global community that helps women unleash their creativity and awaken their spirit, so one can move ahead in their dreams with ease, flow and the power of community.

Over the last few years years Kris has helped over 100 people reach five and six figure incomes working from home and has been featured in Success Magazine + Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine.

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Kris Britton
Spiritual Life + Business Coach